This page is primarily for our logistics partners and customers. You will find basic information about how and to whom we communicate during different shipments. We also list documents involved and what you as a supplier, customer, or logistics partner can expect to receive from GPS.




Standard conditions for GPS:

  1. GPS needs an original Bill of Lading, B/L, from the shipping line.
  2. THC and gate charge should be included in port of destination we need 5 days detention and 10 days demurrage, or 14 days combined detention and demurrage.
  3. GPS needs a draft B/L for approval before the original B/L is printed. GPS provides a B/L instruction with all information.
  4. If any of these conditions can’t be met this has to be clearly stated on the quotation.

Other conditions:

  1. Any waiting times must be documented and signed by representative at the loading point.
  2. The invoice should have a clear connection to the quotation, so that all cost can be easily identified. Any exchange rates used must be stated clearly.
  3. The quotation should state all costs involved in the complete transport and the handling of exchange rate should be described clearly.
  4. If you as a haulier arranges the customs clearance on our behalf, we need a copy of this by. email or by fax. We need to receive this copy within one month after ETS.

Booking and booking confirmation:

You will find the following information on GPS’ booking:

  1. GPS SHNO, this has to be stated on all documents involved in the shipment.
  2. Collection address, delivery address and special requirements for these companies.
  3. Date and time for document closing and date and time for container closing.
  4. Suggested collection date and suggested delivery date.
  5. Other notes and requirements.
  6. Proforma invoice, when this is needed.
  7. Please check, carefully, if there is more than one page in the booking.

Booking confirmation should state the following:

  1. GPS SHNO.
  2. Collection address, delivery address and special requirements for these companies.
    Collection date, ETS and ETA.
  3. Vessel and feeder, when applicable.
  4. Other conditions, for example order number and number of free detention and demurrage included.
  5. If GPS handles the inland haulage the booking confirmation has to state pick-up terminal, pickup reference, delivery terminal and delivery reference.
  6. If there are any questions at this stage, please contact GPS.

Annex VII:

GPS will provide necessary documents in cases where an Annex VII is needed.


We ask for the following standard conditions:

  1. Neutral shipments, which means:
    1. At loading point: The driver is loading on the account of GPS and states only the loading reference in the booking of GPS. Customer and destination should not be mentioned.
    2. At unloading point: The driver states GPS’ SHNO and delivers on the account of GPS. Loading point and supplier is not to be mentioned.
    3. GPS’ customer and supplier should not know about each other.
  2. The offer should clearly state what is included and what is not, for example bunker surcharge and MAUT, and validity date.
  3. If any of these conditions can’t be met it has to be clearly stated in the offer.

Transport documents:

  1. When the goods is delivered it has to be signed for by the customer, most often using a CMR.
  2. GPS provides a copy of the transport document, together with the booking, as it should look like upon delivery. It is OK to rewrite a copy as long as it contains the same information.
  3. If there are any questions, please ask us. These are very important documents.
  4. If GPS gets extra costs from authorities because of faulty transport documents we declare the right to ask for compensation from our haulers. For example VAT and fines.
  5. Goods delivered together with faulty transport documents are considered non-completed transport.
  6. GPS must receive a copy of the transport document, signed at the delivery point, no later than one month after the delivery. This copy can be sent by email, fax or mail.

Booking, the following is stated on the booking:

  1. GPS SHNO is stated on the booking. Please state this reference in all correspondence involved in the transport.
  2. Pick-up address, delivery address, and special requirements for the companies involved.
  3. Suggested pick-up date and delivery date.
  4. Special notes.
  5. Transport documents, most likely on page 2 of the booking.

Booking confirmation, should state:

  1. GPS SHNO, always.
  2. Pick-up address, delivery address, and special requirements for the companies involved.
  3. Pick-up date and delivery date, as you have planned the shipment.
  4. Other conditions.
  5. If you have any questions, no matter what, please ask them.

Annex VII:

  1. GPS will provide Annex VII in cases when this is needed.
  2. It is your responsibility, as a hauler, to make sure that the driver has access to all documents he needs to complete the shipment properly.


  1. GPS would like to ask you as our customer, even though we don’t have any legal authority to do so, to return a copy of the signed transport documents after delivery of the goods. This is a precaution to avoid any uncertainties concerning VAT within EU.
  2. Transport documents can be returned by mail or email. 

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