GPS deals with all kinds of plastics, but our main focus is polyolefins, PE and PP. Through the years we have come across a lot of different plastics. We can help you with you raw materials sourcing and we can help you find the best recycling solution.

These are the products we handle on a constant basis:

  • polyethylene, LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE and HMWPE
  • polypropylene, PP homo, copo, raffia and compounds
  • polyvinyl chloride, PVC rigid and soft
    • extrusion grades
  • styrenics, PS (GPPS, MIPS, HIPS  and EPS), ABS and SAN
    • regrind
    • off-grade
  • polyamides, PA6 and PA66
    • regrind
    • films
    • lumps
  • elastomers
    • industrial waste

For the above and other materials, please contact us.

Our expertise lies in the wire and cable industry, the pipe industry, and in the packaging industry.